Expanding access to mental healthcare on campus

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Customizable Platform

Through CICU, members receive discounted pricing and a dedicated Behavioral Health consultant.  Together we craft a well-being program for a student body (and/or faculty and staff) that works in concert with existing on campus supports and initiatives.

24/7/365 access to Master's level or higher therapists via phone or video from the comfort and privacy of home.  Users establish a clinical relationship with their therapist.  $0 cost to the user and appointments are scheduled in as little as 24-48 hours.

Talk Therapy & Coaching

Curated Content

SaaS platform of more than 2,300 on-demand video training sessions, podcasts, tip sheets, and other proprietary content from 300+ acclaimed experts means virtually any life challenge is covered.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Trained Listeners have diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Each offers perspective from their own life lessons. Listeners cross cultures, language and life experiences, making sure there’s a match for everyone

Communication Support and Tracking

MyRosalie provides communication and marketing support to ensure the behavioral health program is utilized.  On-demand and quarterly utilization reporting helps measure efficacy and identify key trends.

Bring more candor to the mental health conversation

Virtual Behavioral Health expands access to care


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Utilization rate

Lives supported

Renewal rate

Providing authentic support is an opportunity to demonstrate empathy - showing every member of a campus community that their personal success and wellbeing are priorities.

Common conditions treated

Isolation and loneliness

Substance abuse

Financial concerns

Stress and anxiety

PTSD and trauma

Suicidal ideations

Relationship issues and abuse

Eating disorders

Academic pressure

Compassion fatigue

"I've struggled with depression for years and only recently has it started taking a more serious toll on me.  I never considered therapy for a number of reasons.  Whether it was embarrassment or confusion on where to turn.  Once my school started offering it virtually, I decided to try it.  I love the fact that it's convenient and private.  During therapy, I've learned strategies to help me better manage my day-to-day life.  I honestly feel better than I have in a long time.  My therapist, Shannon, is the best."  -PJP, Junior

"As a parent, knowing that my son has access to talk therapy gives me peace of mind.  The therapist he saw helped him immensely, especially in dealing with his anxiety.  I wish my oldest had access to this service at his school.  Thank you for including this valuable benefit."  - LAA, Parent

"As someone that identifies with the LGBTQ community I have suffered periods of extreme loneliness.  I tried traditional therapy, but finding a therapist that really understood me was challenging.  Through my college's Behavioral Health program, I was able to schedule time with a therapist, in 24 hours, that has worked extensively with LGBTQ students.  It's the first time I felt that my identity was affirmed and the multiple forms of discrimination I face were acknowledged." - Anonymous